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60000000 +

KM Tracked

Real-Time Vehicle and Fleet Tracking for Diverse Businesses.

1200 +

Instances of Fuel Pilferage Caught

Precise instant fuel pilferage alerts to help reduce operational cost.

45000 +

Litres of Fuel Saved

Helped realize fuel savings and create a sustainable future.

60000 +

KM Improvement in Uptime

Uptime savings through managed control tower and reduced inefficiencies.

Empowering Diverse Businesses with Taabi Solutions

Trusted by 350 + fleets and enterprises

Why Taabi?

Reduce Cost & Increase Uptime With AI-Powered SaaS Platforms

The Japanese word for “Journey” is “Taabi”. Inspired by the core aspects of the Japanese ethos — the pursuit of perfection and attention to detail—we innovate solutions that can orchestrate a profitable “Journey” for both your fleet and your business. We engineer Taabi solutions to enrich logistics movements with simplicity, transparency, agility, and efficiency.

As a part of the RPG group, one of India’s largest industrial conglomerates, Taabi inherits an immense responsibility to provide solutions that truly add value to the customer's bottom line and topline. Taabi’s R&D team and in-house developers have extensively examined the logistics & fleet operations for many industries, over the years, to engineer SaaS solutions that offer fuel usage optimization, driver behavior improvement, trip reliability & security, vehicle health maintenance, and process sustainability.

Our software with the latest AI/ML technologies, data analytics, and IoT implementations helps businesses investigate every impactful detail of fleet & logistics operations in real-time and track root issues with predictive analysis.

More about us

Driven by the Core Values of the RPG Group

The RPG group, based in Mumbai, has a prominent identity among India’s industrial conglomerates. The RPG group exemplifies diversity with satisfied clients across a wide range of industries including infrastructure, tyres, IT, healthcare, and energy. Taabi, at every step of its journey strives to incorporate the values of its parent group and prioritize the needs of its cherished customers.

  • 150,000 Km of Idling Detected

    Reduced fuel consumption by detecting idling time while driving

  • 3.11 Bn Data Points Analyzed

    Analyzed complex data points and provided predictive insights

  • 45,000 Litres of Fuel Saved

    Operations costs saved with fuel usage optimization solutions

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One Stop Solution for All TCO Needs

Fuel & Uptime Savings

Increase your logistics efficiency and drive profitability with cutting-edge AI technology. 

On-Ground Advisory

Expert on-ground crew for guidance and support in decision making. 

Vehicle Type Agnostic

Our SaaS solutions work for any fleet, and all devices, regardless of type. 

Customized Solutions

All our solutions and tools can be tailored to fit your unique business needs. 


Certified & Validated by Respected Reviewing Agencies

We are thankful to our clients for sharing their honest reviews. At Taabi we strive to keep our solutions relevant & accurate—and, always deliver on our commitments!

Our Products

Innovative AI Implementations for Accurate & Data-Rich Fleet Management Insights

A centralized platform with holistic features to optimize operations management

Fuel Management System

Get more KM per litre of fuel for all movements along your supply chain with Taabi’s Fuel Management System. Taabi’s solution is a SaaS platform engineered with advanced data analytics, proprietary AI/ML algorithms, and cutting-edge IoT engineering—to analyze your fuel status, fuel utilization, vehicle’s fuel efficiency, route details, and fuel prices in real-time. By analyzing these fuel-related details our solutions will help fleet managers strategize the operations in a way that significantly reduces the cost of running your operations. Our Fuel Management Software also provides ERP-based management controls to take immediate actions based on the fuel optimization insights. 

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Control Tower Solution

Taabi's control tower solution is a modern and cutting-edge technology that optimizes your logistics and fleet operations. With this powerful solution, you can monitor and manage your entire supply chain in real-time, gaining complete visibility and control over your operations. Taabi's control tower solution allows you to proactively identify and mitigate potential issues, minimize delivery times, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Vehicle Health Solution

Taabi's vehicle health solution is a cutting-edge SaaS platform designed to optimize the health and performance of your fleet. Our comprehensive solution integrates the latest technologies to provide real-time monitoring and analysis of your fleet's health status, enabling you to proactively identify and address potential issues before they turn into costly breakdowns. With our user-friendly dashboard, you'll have access to all the information you need to make data-driven decisions and streamline your fleet management operations. 

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Driver Behaviour Solution

Safe transportation and driver safety are paramount to all industries, but all the more so for industries requiring bulk movement of valuable, sensitive, and hazardous goods. AI-based driver coaching and behavior monitoring solutions can help improve driver performance and reduce accidents. By analyzing real-time data on driver behaviour, including speeding, harsh braking, and idling, fleet managers can identify areas for improvement, provide targeted coaching and training, and incentivize safe driving practices.

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Digital Lock Solution

Taabi's digital lock solution is a cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes fleet and logistics management. Our solution provides a secure, efficient, and streamlined way to manage cargo and fleet security by eliminating the need for physical keys and providing real-time tracking and monitoring of cargo movements. With our Digital Lock Solution, you can manage your fleet and cargo operations with ease, track your inventory in real time, and reduce the risk of theft and loss. This innovative technology is designed to optimize your logistics and fleet operations, making your business more efficient, secure, and profitable.

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Taabi has 350+ Satisfied Clients with an Average Rating of 4.9/5

We believe that a successful solution must always prioritize the client’s requirement above everything else, and promote transparency and accountability.

Diverse Domains

Simplifying Logistics & fleet Operations in Diverse Business Domains

We create solutions that offer personalized utility, with versatile applicability. Our solutions are compatible with various devices, vehicle types, equipment, and industries. Use the deep-tech Taabi SaaS solutions to address the unique KPIs of your industry.

  • Infrastructure
  • Tyres
  • Steel
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Consumer Goods
  • E-Commerce
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Auto
  • Cement
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Business benefits
  • Committed Fuel Savings
  • Profitable Driving
  • Improved Uptime
  • Increased Fleet & Driver Safety
Operational Benefits with Taabi
  • Fuel Theft & Fuel Refill Alerts
  • Real-Time KPI Visibility
  • Identify & Address Potential Issues
  • Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Taabi's on-ground advisory provides hands-on support to fleet owners to optimize their operations by identifying areas for improvement, implementing tailored solutions, and monitoring progress in real-time. This approach ensures maximum results and cost savings for clients.

If your asset operates on fuel—then Taabi’s solutions will prove beneficial to your asset by improving the uptime. Our solution is applicable to a wide range of assets like trucks, buses, DG sets, cars, etc, across multiple industries, including telecommunications, mining, construction, Fleet operations, etc.

Taabi understands that every business has unique challenges and needs. That's why we offer customized solutions that are tailored to each client's specific requirements. By working closely with clients to identify pain points and areas for improvement, Taabi delivers solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

The amount of fuel savings and improved uptime a business can expect to achieve with Taabi's solutions varies depending on the client's specific circumstances. However, Taabi is committed to delivering significant improvements in these areas, and we work closely with clients to track and measure the results.


Great Reviews

97 Out Of 100 Clients Have Given Us A Five Star Rating On Google & Clutch

Taabi team did a fuel pilot on 20 of our vehicles. We were surprised to find out that our actual monthly fuel consumption on every vehicle was 300L lower than the existing norms. That amounts to Rs 3.6 Cr annually across fleet. Taabi team helped us work out a revised salary structure with drivers with higher fixed salaries but still a net savings to us due to better fuel norms. 50% of our drivers have already signed up for this program thereby giving us a net saving of Rs 1.3 Cr per annum.

Size : Fleet based in Delhi/ NCR with 106 trucks (18W/ 22W)

Application : Steel coil

Solution : Steel coil

Taabi team did a detailed process study at one of our sites, mapped out the challenges and created a customized solution for us. They were able to tap into arm utilization for our assets and gave us a one click visibility of the real productivity for our machines. They customized the fuel algo for our application with 99%+ accuracy and gave us many other useful features which made our life much simpler.

Size : $1.5 Bn Construction and Infra Company HO in Gurgaon 300+ construction sites in India & abroad

Solution : Fuel & Asset Productivity Solution

Taabi ran a control tower on 62 of our vehicles running for one particular client. They were able to increase the monthly running of vehicles by 8% within first 2 months by flagging and cutting down on inefficiencies. I am extremely happy and wish to scale up this solution to my entire fleet in next 3 months.

Size : Fleet based in Bangalore with 451 trucks (10W)

Application : FMCG, E-Com

Solution : Control Tower Solution

Safety is paramount to us given the impact of any safety hazard on our people and environment. With Taabi's solution, we have increased our safe trip score by -12% in 2 months by mapping all risky route patches, risky driver behaviours and counselling our drivers for a safer driving. Taabi's solution can gives us a complete breakdown of any type of accident which can help us take actions to avoid repetition in future.

Size : Fleet based in Salem with 147 trucks (12W / 14W / 18W )

Application : LPG

Solution : Advanced driver tracking & safety solutions

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